What is Trial Lesson in ABC Cooking Studio?


Trial Lesson is a one-time lesson that is available for non-ABC members to experience the service of ABC Cooking Studio at a special price. You can choose from one of the following categories: Cooking, Bread, and Cake. Trial Lesson is limited to one time per person.


For existing ABC members, you can repeatedly participate in our Trial Lessons (for free!) by referring your friend(s) to join our Trial Lesson together. 


How to use this Trial Lesson reservation site


You need to log in this reservation site before you can make a lesson reservation.


    If you are new to ABC Cooking Studio Indonesia

      Please click [Register] button to register your account on this site.

      Choose your own user ID and follow the on-screen instructions to register.


    Member of ABC Cooking Studio Indonesia

      New user registration is not required.

      Please log in with your membership number and password that you activated on the ABC Cooking Studio Indonesia member's site.

      Membership Number: The 10-digit number starting with “60” as listed on your membership card.

      Password: 4 to 8 alphanumeric characters that you registered on ABC Cooking Studio Indonesia member's site.


How to reserve a trial lesson



  Please set the conditions and search for your desired lesson slot. Lesson Type, Menu, Time, Studio, and Time Range can be specified as the search conditions.



  Please follow the on-screen instructions and fill in the necessary information. If you are joining with your friend(s), please check the box “Add Friends” and input their information.



  After confirming the reservation details and the terms & conditions, press “Proceed to Payment”.



  You can pay with credit/debit card or with your Paypal account. Once finished, a confirmation page will appear.


Please note the following important information:



  You can make reservations until 5:00 PM on the day before the lesson.

  For ABC members, you can reserve up to 3 trial lessons per month, regardless of the studios.


[Attending Lesson]

  Please attend the reserved lesson on time.

  In order to ensure the quality of our lessons and to avoid affecting the progress of other customers, if you are late for more than 10 minutes, you will not be allowed to join the lesson. In this case, the lesson fees will not be refunded.



  You can cancel a lesson that you have reserved on the “My Page” tab after logged in.

  Reservation can be cancelled until 5:00 PM of the day before the lesson. Your lesson fee will be refunded. For cancellation after that, please contact the studio. In this case, the lesson fee will not be refunded.


[What to bring to the lesson]

  We will provide the ingredients and basic facilities, but you are free to bring your own apron and towel/handkerchief when attending the lesson.